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Pitchers/Glass Rinsers and Parts

In any fast-paced coffee operation, rinsing is an essential task that can slow you down if you don’t have the right equipment. If you have to run to a sink between every drink to rinse a pitcher, you’re losing valuable time and extending wait times for customers.

With that being said, you can’t afford not to rinse – it could not only impact the flavor of subsequent beverages, but it would also create unsanitary buildup in pitchers, especially when using perishable products. is pleased to offer a range of rinsers designed for built-ins, countertop use, or for travel/mobile operations. If you’re looking for all-around mechanical prowess and superior drainage, you’re sure to appreciate Spinjet models that offer powerful and effective mechanical cleaning action.

Ideal for press type brewers, these rinsers are far more effective than regular rinsing valves when it comes to eliminating tea leaves, coffee grounds, milk, and other stubborn residues that you don’t want migrating from one beverage to the next.

Why the Spinjet Rinser?

The Spinjet Rinser is unique in its function, as its Patented Spinjet Valve sprays and spins at the same time creating a more robust mechanical cleaning action than typical rinsing valves.

It is ideal for cafe and bar use. Perfect for coffee brewing devices using tea & coffee grounds and for milk steaming pitchers that get sticky residues that tend to hold firm. The Spinjet Rinser is also a perfect fit in bars where cocktail shakers and mixing glasses get reused between drinks.

Made of full Stainless Steel construction with Silicone O rings and Gaskets.

Replacement parts are easy to install and available for all your preventive maintenance needs. 

There is no other rinser valve like it available! The Spinjet Rinser is a suitable upgrade to most spray mechanisms and pitcher rinser spray assemblies. is powered by the team behind