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Rhino Spinjet HOT Spray Assembly & Actuator Star // 3-EDP

Rhino Spinjet HOT Spray Assembly & Actuator Star // 3-EDP

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Rhino Coffee Gear has reimagined the tried and tested Spinjet valve system to meet the changing needs of the industry. With an all-new extended stainless steel body, coupled with CNC-milled Delrin, and robust seal components, the RH3PE valve provides customers with the ability to use the valve in HOT water applications (Up to 55 degrees Celsius / 131 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Cleaning and maintaining your beverage pitchers properly is a multi-step process. Regular rinsing of these implements throughout the day is key to removing unwanted solids that can cause cross-contamination in your finished product, and lessen the life of the tools you used to produce them. The existing technology in Rhino’s patented Spinjet technology utilises water pressure to channel flow into the cleaning jets, creating a fast rotating motion. This rotating movement creates a superior cleaning action that rinses matter away from the surface from multiple angles.

How do you improve a fantastic cleaning action when chemicals are not practical? We add temperature. Warm water assists in making a large number of contaminants more soluble which in turn, makes them easier to remove from a surface.

Suitable for the cleaning of beverage implements used in making fruit juices, non-dairy-based smoothies, and alcoholic, and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions (approximate): 140 mm (Length total) - 60 mm (Length above sink) - 85mm (Length below sink).
  • Materials: Stainless Steel body, Delrin Spinjet.
  • Inlet thread size : ½: BSP Male thread
  • The RH3PE-SPINSET valve is NSF certified to standard ASME 1812.19.13 / CSA B45.4 2017, when installed in conjunction with a sink that meets regulatory standards.
    Installation Information:
  • Depth Requirements: The Rhino rinsers are 40mm deep, however, this is without fittings. We recommend at least 150mm of clearance under the bench for basic connection (this includes fall for the drain hose). The actual depth may differ depending on the location of the drain, the location of the water supply, or whether you use an elbow or a straight connector.
  • It is recommended that the RH3PE-SPINSET is installed in conjunction with a 350 kpa / 50 psi PLV.
  • It is also recommended that the RH3PE-SPINSET is installed in conjunction with a Tempering valve set at no greater than 55 Degrees Celsius / 131 Degrees Fahrenheit.

 Install and FAQ information, Click Here! 

The 2023 MICE Product and Innovation Award Winner for the "Ancillary Electrical Equipment Award"


    Certifications: NSF, CSA, CalGreen Compliant, Massachusetts State Plumbing Board approved304 Stainless Steel construction.


    150mm RInser:

    Dimensions: 175mm (W) x 159mm (L) x 62mm (D) approx. // 6" x 6"

    300mm Rinser:

    Dimensions: Width - 231mm x Length - 354mm // 12" x 9" 

    600mm Rinser:

    Dimensions: 238mm (W) x 600mm (L) 85mm (D) approx. (9.38 x 23.6 x 3.35 in)

    Spec Sheet

     All Spinjet Rinsers are Certified by NSF International and conform to the requirements of NSF/ANSI 169 - Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices. Click Here for documentation

    Click here to view the Exploded Parts Diagram. 

    Click here to view the relevant Spec Sheet. 

    Click here for cleaning instructions

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